Assassins Creed Jacob Frye Costume Costume Classico

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The Assassin’S Creed Games Have A Long, Deep History That We’Ve Never Been Fully Able To Comprehend. The Assassins Are An Organization That’S Centuries Old And They’Re Good Guys, But They Mostly Murder People, Which Is Morally Bad. The People They Kill Are Generally Templars, Who Are Usually Bad, But Not Always. Abstergo Has Been Making Video Games As A Front For The Templars Lately And Has Gained The Upper Hand In This Age Old War, But Their Video Games Are Based On Memories Stored In The Dna Of Humans That Are Ancestors Of Long Lost Assassins. Oh, Also There Are These Things Called Pieces Of Eden That Have Some Pretty Rad Powers And They Were Made By The Precursor Race That Has Something To Do With Human Evolution And…
Well, We’Re Already Confused Again. The Main Reason We Like Assassin’S Creed Is Because It Lets You Play As Awesome Characters Like Jacob Frye, Who Beats Up Bad Guys With Extreme Prejudice. That Man Certainly Knows How To Dress, Doesn’T He? Well, Now You Can Become Like Him Too, Even If You Don’T Fully Understand The Branching Plotlines Of The Video Game Series.
This Jacob Frye Costume Brings You A Look Straight From The Game Assassin’S Creed Syndicate. It Has A Green Printed Top And An Overcoat To Help Give You That Turn Of The Century Thug From The London Sort Of Look. Put It On And You’Ll Be Ready To Stop Jack The Ripper, Defeat The Templars And Cause A Ruckus With Your Twin Sister.